from by Myloe



I had the strangest dream the other nite
But For a moment it felt real
I tried to climb atop a mountain
But i could never reach the peak
Maybe I should lay off the philosophy
Maybe I just need some room to breathe
This life it has so much to offer me
Yet none of it means a damn thing

I get a little sidetracked
Because i cant stand this reality
I get a little sidetracked
I'm losing all my sanity
I dont know where to go from here
And i hate what i gotta be so can you tell me How can I live?

When did I get so super cynical?
When did I lose all of my reasoning?
Everything should be so easy now
Yet everything feels wrong to me
A thousand reasons to be critical
A thousand reasons to dig deep
This life it has so much to offer me
But now even summertime feels bleak


from Empty Out Your Mind, released May 5, 2013



all rights reserved


Myloe Boston, Massachusetts

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